Final Fantasy I (Acoustic)


This is meant as a demo for what will hopefully become a full band version at our next show, though so far I'm the only one who has learned my part (ahem).

FF1 was by far my most played game on the NES and I've always loved the music. I skipped all the themes that play way too much in the game (overworld, battle, ship, airship) and the Marsh Cave because it sounds impossible.

As for the arrangement, this is a matter of personal preference. I like my vg tunes accurate, simple, and to the point. This cover is intentionally as straight as they get. Once we add drums and distortion it'll change the feeling a bit, but it will still be a straight cover.

I recorded it all on my (electric) P-bass with a muted tone and acoustic Ovation. More on the tones later. I was relatively happy with them but there is definitely room for improvement in future acoustic covers. the new recording setup made everything easier on me though. - Colin


- Demo of future Jenova Project song.
- Placed 13th in March 2005's Dwelling of Duels.