Rambo - I Feel Better in Prison


Recorded December 2004 in:
Boston, MA
Warrensburg, MO
London, England


Matt "matsunami" Gulbransen - guitars
Shervin "Terrorist" Riahi - guitars
Cameron "mig50" Rosewicz - guitars, basses, mixing
Colin "Taskmaster" Shaw - tabs, modplug*, basses
David "I'm not on the Shizz" Zimmerman - guitars
Stephanie "brian mcphail" Zimmerman - drums
Norrin Radd - help and advice with modplug* and mixing


- Earned 8th Place in the Dwelling of Duels November/December 2004 competition.
* Everything in the recording is played live on real instruments. Colin used modplug to write drum parts and to make sure everyone was snyched up with the correct tempo.