Good Luck Guys 2/23/06, by Zach

Some new stuff around the site since JP's first show in a year and a half is next week. New banner above, as you can see, thanks to the art of Matt Smith. In addition, a nice flyer can be found here for the show. Also, the party section has been updated with the new members (no bio pages yet, sorry), and i cleaned up some of the ugly html on the site. And for anyone wondering why you couldn't download the MAGFest3 set, it's back now. I'll be making some more updates soon after the show, if you are in the Arizona area, don't miss it!

Ok, so apparently we don't update the site very much...1/31/06, by Colin

First off, I'd like to apologize for anyone who was expecting to see us play at Magfest this year. We were all there, and wanted to play, but we just didn't have any time to practice as a band at all and it would have sounded like shit if we had played. Next year we will find a way to get it together.

More importantly, we are playing a show at Modifed Arts in Phoenix, AZ on Monday, February 27. So far our friends Chief Beef are the only other band booked but there will be more to come. For the most current info, check out the thread on the Shizz. We have some cool stuff planned, so come out and see us if you can.

Oh, the lineup for the show will be a bit different than last time. Stephanie has left the band due to... erm, let's just call it creative differences. Replacing her on guitar is our own Matsunami "Matt" Gulbrandsen. He has big pecs, so don't mess with us. Also, we're getting some help for the show from some special guests, including our friend Garrett.

That's all for now. At this rate there should be another update around July. Keep an eye out. -C