the origin of the jenova project as near as i can figure it was fall 1997. aaron, woody, and i lived in the same dorm at the university of massachusetts. we had been talking about forming a band for a couple of years but with aaron on the road and no drum set to speak of, there was no “band.” in september of 1997, aaron moved back onto campus and into the bunker, a bizarre house built into the side of a hill with a serviceable but unheated practice space in the garage/basement hybrid. we bought this shitty cb700 drum set from this guy we knew, grabbed my shitty peavey amps, and started practicing. later we added steph on a bunch of songs playing a variety of instruments, and also tapped ben for his vocal skills. we mostly played covers, which included songs from failure, qotsa, blinker the star, gvsb, and many others.

we also played video game covers, which is why you are here reading this. if memory serves, we did songs from final fantasy vi, final fantasy vii, mega man 2, castlevania 2, castlevania sotn, contra, metroid (the same version the minibosses still play), and, yes, super mario brothers. we played a series of shows at parties around town under a variety of different band names. sometime in spring of 1999 we just sort of stopped practicing. there was no break-up or anything, we just stopped.

years passed. the minibosses kicked some ass.

in june of 2004, we decided to give it another shot. sherv bought a guitar and learned to play it with a little help from the taskmaster. we put together a short set of final fantasy covers for magfest 3.0, officially reviving the band. yay.

- Colin